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Free T-Shirts Promotions

Okay, we've revamped the Free T-shirts promotion with some wild and wacky free t-shirt giveways. Check back often as the free t-shirt promotions will be changing quickly and without much notice, so those who snooze will lose!

We will also be offering free t-shirt promotions exclusively through our funny t-shirts blog and through our upcoming newsletter so be sure to check these resources as well for ways you can get some freebies from us.

Random Acts of T-shirts Promotion

Ongoing: is rolling out its "Random Acts of T-shirts" promotion by giving away free t-shirts to current and past customers. Customers are under no obligation to do anything whatsover except to enjoy the free t-shirts. Free t-shirts will be mailed out on a random basis. For more information see: Random Acts of T-shirts


Brown & Black Day

January 24, 2007 is Brown & Black Day promotion - If your name is Brown or Black or your'e sending a t-shirt to a Brown or Black you will receive one additional free t-shirt. The surname "Brown" or "Black" must be on either the Billing Address or Shipping Address to qualify when purchasing a t-shirt. No nicknames, please!


Chicken Dance Day

October 14, 2006 is Chicken Dance Day. Simply send in a movie clip of yourself doing the Chicken Dance (mpeg, wmv or mov formats) and receive a free t-shirt. It's that simple. Offer good today only, so get dancing!


Dakota Week

June 24 - 30, 2006 is Dakota week at Receive a free t-shirt just for being from North or South Dakota and ordering a t-shirt during this time-frame. You don't have to enter to win. All you need to do is order one or more t-shirts during this week and when we check your address, we'll email you all the information you need to know in order to claim your prize (you basically just need to tell us the size, style and design you want). That's it. Good luck and please no wagering!


Red Head Week

May 22 - 26, 2006 is Red Head week at Receive a free t-shirt just for being a red head! All you have to do during this week is send in a digital photo of yourself wearing one of our funny t-shirts. If you have a red head in the picture, then we'll send you a free t-shirt. It's that simple. Limit one per customer. Must be 18 to enter. May not be legal in all states. Please no wagering.


Smith, Johnson, Williams and Jones Week Promotion

May 1 - 7, 2006 is Smith, Johnson, Williams and Jones (SJWJ) Week at the website. According to the U. S. Census Bureau, these are the most common surnames in the United States.

During SJWJ week, those who purchase a t-shirt who have the last name of Smith, Johnson, Williams or Jones or are sending a t-shirt to someone with one of these last names will receive a free t-shirt. When ordering a t-shirt, either the Bill To address or Ship To address must contain one of these names for you to win a free tee.

That's it! You have to do absolutely nothing, since we will contact all winners to see which shirts, sizes, etc. they want shipped for winning this contest.

Check back often here as we will be issue new promotions constantly.

Limit one free t-shirt per customer.






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