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Funny Jokes

Featuring funny jokes, quotes, slogans, and pictures along with t-shirts, long sleeve tees, coffee mugs, and mouse pads. Funny jokes is what we live for. If you have some jokes to contribute, then send them in. If you like to laugh at funny jokes, then go ahead and express yourself. Check out this entire site!


I'm Well-Traveled.
Not really, my mind just wanders.

I Love the Limelight.
And the Bud Lite, and the Miller Lite ...

I was once arrested for assault
at a toy company. Battery not included.

Just when I find the key to success,
someone goes and changes all the locks.

I like doing my own thing,
except when I can get a date.

I'm A Self-Righteous Jerk.
You got a problem with that?!

I used to be a man of vision,
before the medication cleared it up.

I Own Screwdriver.
Will Fix Cat For Food.

Scatological Liar.
(I'm full of crap.)

I've Got Lots Of Irons In The Fire.
I've given up golf again.

I Am Non-Involved.
But don't quote me on that.

I'm My Own Boss.
Yet, oddly, I can't stand that jerk.

Can't we all just get a bong?

I've grown tolerant to pepper spray.

I've Got Abnormal fear of Alex Trebek.

Wanna see me whiz?

Some multi-task.
I multi-slack.


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This is the home of humorous gifts, coffee mugs, and mouse pads. It is also the home of a few very funny jokes on t-shirts. This is quite a home isn't it? If you're looking for funny jokes and goofy graphics on some cool merchandise, then this is the place to be. The tops - 100% cotton Hanes Beefy T's and most gifts and slogans are printed on front and back which drives up the cost for us, but, hey no expense is too great in order to get our message of laughter out.

If you are looking for visual jokes, why not try out the cartoons page as it just may be what you're looking for? Also check out the funny quotes page since sometime the truth is funnier than fiction.

Search for anyone's driver's license number here.

The coffee mugs - 100% ceramic, glazed by elder, peyote-eating shaman in the mountains of Mexico. And the mouse pads - 100% cloth-covered premium mouse hide, stretched by the shaman's children in the mountains of Mexico.

Neither Comedy Central or Improv have so many sight gags as this site. You walk into the front of their stores and you see a glass display case with a few humorous tops and some other token gifts. Well, this site, has 300+ humorous designs, sizes small child through 4X adult, mouse pads, one size, and coffee mugs, in medium and large sizes.

Hear what the critics have been saying about this site:

Funny jokes make me wanna wet my pants!

--Pee Wee Herman

I love the funny jokes, whimsical gifts, amusing parody, parody, improv, gags of the day, and cartoon stuff! Also, I love the comic strips, silly stuff on t-shirts and more! You'll love these hilarious designs and gags! Better than Ebay! Better than sex! Let's go shopping!

--Don Ho

Slogan clothing you say? So if you're a fan of free gifts, then don't come here. But if you love laughs, catchy slogans, cartoons, comic strips, then this is the place for you. Explore the site and check out the fabulously hilarious tops, humorous coffee mugs.. Also, the coffee mugs are hot, the mouse pads are mousy; what else could you ask for? Well, I guess you could ask for word play, odd tees, off-the-wall tees, and so many tees it makes me wanna pee!

--Carmen Miranda











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