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Testimonials are a great way to show you what our visitors have to say about the website. So if you have a testimonial you would like to add to this page please click on the Contact Us link and email us. Thanks for contributing to the testimonials and making this a better site.


To Whom It May Concern:

We, Kes/Kathir Entertainment, are currently involved in the creation of
an independent sitcom pilot titled Shades of Life©. One of the characters
in the sitcom, a youthful male personifies his demographic by wearing
apparel on the current clothing line of Funny Designs. The character will
utilize his apparel (T-shirts, sweat shirts, etc.) as canvas and will draw
phrases, jokes, putdowns as well as other comical and/or thought-provoking lines
(Some of the writers’ favorites are “Cancel my subscription ‘cause I
don’t need your issues,” and “I like doing my own thing, except when I can
get a date.”) We would like to request information as to how to attain
proper permission to utilize your apparel as well as how to attain the

Thank you for your time.

yours truly,

Aravinth Kesavamoorthy
Kes/Kathir Entertainment


Alright thanks so much you're the best! currently i'm changing a couple things on the site and i'm gonna move my site from the current server but as soon as i'm done and ready to add pics i'll let you guys know, thanks so much i really mean it, you guys are the best.




most of your t-shirts dont make any sense and arent funny at all. What gives?


judge reinhold
(star of Beverly Hills cop and "head office" - aka, kreep delgado)


Hello I was just wondering if your web site is copy writed i was wanting to know if i could take some of the quotes and jokes and put them on my site for my favorate quotes and jokes ? so please let me know and thanks a ton




- Lisa Parker


Yours is the greatest. ive only been looking for a short while and yours
has the biggest selection and lowest prices. My favorite slogan is "Stanky&Cranky". Too funny.

- Squash


I know I'm a competitor but I do like your shirts. Pretty cool stuff. Cheers!

Jim Carlberg


I am writing to ask your permission to copy some of your slogans. I am from the UK and was am asking permission to copy many of the slogans and print them on to t-shirts. I am a ICT director of my company called TOPs, this company is part of an academic coarse that i am currently undertaking at school. These slogans and logos will be used to be printed onto t-shirts. I will appreciate it very much if you could provide me with written permission to copy many of the slogans. Thank You

From Waqas Hussain


First of all I wish to express my deepest gratitude for your kind attention and generosity in giving me a T-shirt and I will tell my friends that I did receive a nice response from you.

Warmest regards,
Mrs. Stephanie Widyastuti


Have a nice day, and Keep Up the good Work!!!



I would like to inform you that this morning I have received a package containing a SAVE THE DRAMA FOR YOUR MAMA's T-shirt and once again I would like to thank you very much for your kindness.

May you have the most gracious life and may God always bless all of you.

Best regards,
Mrs. Stephanie Widyastuti



dis is the 1st time iv visited ur site.......and i hav 2 admit its MINDBLOWIN & just the thing i was looking for!!!! i hav a special request.cud i plz use the popeye descartes t-shirt slogan?its a studnt of english literature and dis particular
slogan is WHT I REQUIRE! Thus cud u plz giv me prmission 2 use it?i wud b highly obliged if u were 2.

Thanking you,

Karishma Siddique


Thanks a lot...I'm very impressed that you were able to come up with it
and how fast also. I am purchasing it as we speak.

- Derek







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